How People See My Job vs How it Really is!

Dog walking is an amazing job and I love it. However it’s not quite the stroll in the park that most people think it is…..

Spring. It’s beautiful and nature is bursting into life all around you.


You can’t always take it all in however, as you’re too busy adjusting your clothing to match the erratic British weather!



Then comes summer. The season when most people are envious of my job and say things like ‘I wish I was outdoors all day enjoying the weather’.

They think I look like this on a hot summers day…..


When in fact it’s more like this…..



Sweat and sunburn. Nice!

Autumn, one of my favourite seasons. It really is spectacular with all the autumn colours.


However dog walkers spend much of the time staring at the ground looking for those pesky hidden poops…..


Is the poop there?? Or hidden in another pile of leaves?

And of course then there’s winter, the season that has crushed so many new dog walkers and forced many back to their warm offices and buildings. This is the season I hear ‘I don’t envy you having to go out in that freezing rain/wind/hail/sleet/snow/blizzardy apocalypse’

Very occasionally winter looks like this….


However mostly it’s like this…..


One thing’s for sure, it’s never a dull job and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

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