To bone or not to bone…

Good blog on the dangers of giving bones. Dog do love a raw bone & it can be good for dental care, however lots of issues can arise.


Innocent topic!  I swear. We are talking about dog bones and whether pet owner’s should be giving them  OR not.

In my years of practices, I’ve seen an average of 20-30% of dog owners giving bones to their animals (in Australia). This statistics is much higher in Singapore, with an avg of 40-50% of Asian clients giving bones to their pets (home cooked diet seems preferred in Singapore). Amongst those pet owners, at least 60% of client’s were TOLD to give dog bones by the breeders they purchased their dogs’ from.

As an emergency veterinarian, I often only see patients if they are unwell/ sick (except for routine vaccinations that is). And I can’t even begin to tell you the number of patients I’ve seen presenting with bone related problems.

Sure. I can appreciate some of the advantages bone provision can do- such as providing enrichment to ease boredom- yes a large marrow bone…

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