Dangerous Meat Found?


Message received

On my morning dog walk on Derwent walk beside Rowlands Gill Primary my dogs found a big lump on meat in the field which someone had dumped either for red Kites to eat (or something more sinister). I have removed it as I am worried it could harm dogs / wildlife if someone has laced it with Poison as this sadly happened a few weeks ago in Ovingham area and a poor dog died.If you did place this meat in field please don’t do it again.

I have removed meat from the field and reported to environmental health at Gateshead Council who will now investigate as I then found disposable gloves near meat too. If you did put it there to feed wildlife could you please own up to avoid worry and time wasting for further investigations.
Police are coming to collect meat as a precaution incase anything sinister is going on. Please be vigilant. I will update if anything comes of it.


Police are coming to take the piece of meat in case it is poisoned but I hope the most likely explanation is daft folk like to feed the red kites in our area which is stupid. Another piece of meat has been found in Strothers Wood area at the other end of Rowlands Gill village!


Police have advised myself that a few reports of dogs being poisoned in the Rowlands Gill / High Spen area have come to their attention recently in the last few weeks . Dogs have been to vets as unwell and most likely cause was poison (nothing more specific than that) . i must stress that police officer did say no deaths had occurred. YET !!!I am not too impressed with the fact they are not even sign posting dog walks so I will do this myself ! Only positive action WPC recommended was contacting the Northumbrian police force media page to increase awareness which I will do .

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Dogtheftawarenessnorteastuk 

Please be vigilant and look after your dogs

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