Has Walking Your Dog Become a Chore?

This is not about shaming, we want your honesty. 

How many of us buy our new dog or rescue our new companion with the idea we’ll be having walks at dusk with our friend chasing the ball we throw enthusiastically, as we walk taking in the warm evening, with the smell of nature all around.


… and now?

We get in from work, tired, stressed and fed up and craving a quiet relaxed night on the couch – only to look over to our stalwart, furry companion and feel that uncomfortable tug that we need to walk them. So, out we go, along the street or to the park so they can quickly do their business and we can get back to watch whatever rubbish is on TV that night.

Stressed and tired we can’t be bothered with chasing the dog to get them back on the lead, or when they don’t listen you and you can feel the frustration and annoyance inside rising to uncomfortable levels..

Born2Run has a solution for you. 

Save yourself the hassle and stay at home!

Play with your pooch at home. Get some safe tug toys and maybe spend a little time together bonding.

Dom Hodgson of Pack Leader UK said,

“[…]if you make those play sessions at home really exciting you will find that in time your dog listens and looks at you more readily”

Of course we’re a dog walking business and of course we would recommend enrolling your dog onto our adventure walks but that’s not an option for everyone. So stay home and spend time laughing and playing with your pooch, you’ll both feel better for it and you can save the long walk for a weekend or a night when you’re a little more relaxed and ready.

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