We ain’t no fair weather walkers!

This time of year I often hear the same thing from lots of different people. They all comment on how amazing my job must be, out walking in the glorious sunshine, enjoying summer days out in the woods and meadows, frolicking with the dogs. And it is great, I absolutely love my job and I don’t want to do anything else.

However when you get days like we had on Tuesday (torrential rain alllllll day!) those same people then say that they’re glad to have an office job where they’re dry and warm. In the winter months, not one person says they’d like to do my job!

Drenched but happy!
Lovely view…..!
Wellies and waterproofs are a must!
Poor Benji out in the torrential rain!


Tuesday this week I got so wet I had to use a dog towel to dry my hair!
DSC_0098 00-51-35
Winter walking!

Dog walking isn’t the easy, straight forward job everyone thinks it is. There’s so much that goes into the job that people don’t realise, and honestly it can be stressful (I plan on doing a separate blog about what actually goes in to being a dog walker!) Plus, we walk in all weathers. ALL weathers. Sun, rain, hail, sleet, snow, wind……. Some days it can be one long day of waterproofs, soggy towels and a car stinking of that delightful wet, muddy dog smell! It isn’t glamourous and some days you get dog poo under your nails and mud on your knickers (yes, really!) but dogs need walking regardless of the weather, although we always have your dogs safety in mind so some days a walk might not be safe.

If I’m honest, I like the rain as it keeps my favourite walks empty and the fair weather walkers indoors! So rest assured that Born 2 Run will always walk your dogs in any weather, as long as it’s safe to do so!

Thanks for reading!





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