Adventure Walks

Adventure Walk Information

Are you sure he’s getting everything he needs from a walk?

Who is it for?

It can be exhausting working all day and coming home to then walk your furry, excitable friend. You’ll know better than anyone that an unwalked, energetic dog can be as demanding as having a toddler and that’s not what you need after a long day at work. That’s where we can help you. Do you have a high energy dog? Do you want to give him a great day while you’re out earning those pennies? Do you want to give him more than just a 10 minute walk along the street?

With an adventure walk he can exercise, play, learn and tire himself out ready for cuddles when you return.

“We handle the tiresome part so you can enjoy relaxing together.”


How much will it cost me?

For an hour and a half it is currently £18. Additional dogs from the same household are half price at only £9!

How often does this run?

At the moment we currently run Adventure Walks on a Monday between 10am and 12pm. Though this can depend entirely on how much of a demand there is. Even if there is not an Adventure Walk planned, you will be placed top of the list and contacted first. 

What is involved in the walks?

Within the 90 minutes the dogs will get to explore the local surroundings and area in a safe managed environment. They will get to play brain games and ‘find it’ games with the other dogs. While we are out I will be reinforcing basic training using only positive methods. If you would like to know more about my methods feel free to get in touch and I can answer any of your questions.

It’s not about letting your dog run around with others to tire them out. This just allows your dog to play and will possibly create ‘dog obsession’ leading to pulling on the lead, running away from you when out and becoming a pain in the backside for you to walk. Your dogs with interact with other dogs but I will be the source of fun, keeper of treats and toys and the main focus of the group. All walks will be recorded on my sports camera so owners can see the fun their dogs are having!

“With our basic training through positive methods, you won’t need to worry about being embarrassed when taking your dog out on those hot summer weekends and relaxing bank holidays when there’s so many distractions.  We can help teach your dog how to behave and engage with you.”

Is it safe to have a group of dogs out together?

Yes. Dogs will never be taken in a group if there are any concerns about interaction. They will slowly be introduced to the other dogs in their group and get the chance to make new friends.

Be reassured to know your dog will never be walked with a reactive/aggressive dog.

Places can fill up fast due to limited availability and our current clients are always our number one priority. If you would like to become one of our cared for clients contact us via

or our Facebook page