Cat Visits

Cats are highly territorial animals and very reluctant travellers. When removed from their home comforts and familiar surroundings they can suffer high levels of stress and it is not uncommon for cats to refuse to eat whilst away from home. So if you are going away and don’t want to subject your kitty to the stresses of a cattery then I can look after them in the luxury of their own home.

In addition to caring for your cat I can also perform minor domestic duties to ease your return home and I will ensure your house is secure and looks ‘lived in’ while you’re away for extra peace of mind. Visits will last up to 20 minutes depending on how much fuss your cats need. If they’re not interested in human interaction after I’ve completed my cleaning duties then I will leave them in peace!

During each visit I can:

Feed and water your cat and clean all bowls

Empty and clean litter tray

Play, groom and fuss over your cat

Turn lights on/off

Turn TV or radio on/off

Open/close curtains

Bring in post

Water house plants

Empty bins