Canine Adventures

  • Do you feel guilty leaving your dog every morning as you head out to work? 

  • Does your dog need more than just a stroll around the park? 

  • Does your dog need focus, exercise, brain games and unlimited cuddles? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!!

Adequate exercise is vital to the health and happiness of your dog. Regular exercise reduces boredom, alleviates stress and can help to eliminate many behavioural problems. Dogs crave mental stimulation, social interaction, human attention and most of all a good bound around in wide open spaces.

My Adventure Walks are much more than just a walk with a big group of dogs. We play brain games, ‘find it’ games and we will reinforce basic training using only positive methods. All walks will be recorded on my sports camera and will be available for a short time for owners to watch. Recording walks also means I can check the footage if any problems arise and resolve them quickly.

Each walk includes:

An hour of fun, training and play in interesting and safe places

Off lead or on lead walks at your request

Pick up and drop off in an air conditioned car, secured with doggy seat belts or in the boot (complete with Barjo tailgate guard)

No more than 3-4 small/medium dogs walked together

No reactive dogs walked

Lots of fresh water

Yummy treats (as requested)

Reinforcement of your basic training

All weather walking!

Towel dried and muddy paws wiped off

Please remember that a well walked dog is generally a dirty dog (especially in winter!) so dogs will return less than sparkling clean!! I do have a portable shower in the car however access to a hose if you have one and plenty dog towels left out will be appreciated.