Puppy Care

A puppy is a wonderful and exciting new addition to your family but they are very demanding and need constant care, training, socialisation and attention in the first year.

Socialisation and training are vital to develop your puppy into a well balanced, happy dog. Short walks of 15-20 minutes are usually all your very young puppy will need just after vaccination (at about 12 weeks old). These walks can be built up over the weeks and months so that your puppy gets the correct amount of exercise for their age/breed. Short walks will be discounted.

The services I offer include:

Visiting your puppy in his or her home and cleaning up any accidents
Playtime, socialisation and basic training

Short walks (after vaccination) building up to longer walks as your puppy grows

Trips in the car

Meeting new animals/people and introductions to traffic noise/other noises


I also offer advice on basic training as well as health advice, worming and flea treatment, etc.